Sanctuary Issue 67

House profiles

Ahead of the field

An adventure-loving couple have converted an old horse stable in Fremantle into a charming high-performing home.

Rear vision

This innovative inner-Melbourne house addresses the growing need for compact yet comfortable living spaces.

Two for one

Studio179 transformed one oversized, under-utilised bathroom into an interlocking bathroom and ensuite.

Red brick reno

After years of gradual upgrades, this leaky brick cottage in Central Victoria is now an exemplar of comfortable, efficient, low-bills living.

Small luxuries

This minimalist apartment renovation in Brisbane provides the efficiency of small-space living with some classy touches.

Studio style

Designers Uta and David Green’s experimental studio in South Hobart is complete, and helping to ease the city’s housing crisis.

Garden gem

This Brisbane couple opted for a small, carefully crafted pavilion to enhance their enjoyment of their beloved garden.

Ideas & advice

When less is more: The case for smaller homes

We lay out the myriad benefits of opting for a smaller home, and our favourite experts offer design tips for achieving a terrific, multifunctional one that you’ll love.

Doubling up: The why, how and where of building a secondary dwelling

The good old ‘granny flat’ isn’t just for your elderly relatives any more. Secondary dwellings have a lot to offer in a tight housing market, and the regulations that govern them are evolving.

On the drawing board: Ticking the (small, pretty, prefab) boxes

Architect Steele Olney tells the story of developing the Passive + Prefab Pod, a healthy, sustainable and prefabricated studio-sized home.

A bridge back to nature

In the first instalment of a series, architect Fiona Gray explains the origins and key elements of biophilic home design.

Meet the CEO

Seasoned climate campaigner and sustainability advocate Helen Oakey took over the helm at Sanctuary’s publisher Renew early in 2024. We sat down for a chat.

On the edge: Concrete slab edge insulation

It may not be the sexiest of design details, but slab edge insulation is important to get right for a high-performing home.

Outdoors: A festival of flowers

Expert gardener Mara Ripani sings the praises of good old-fashioned flowers and offers her top tips on how to grow them, preserve them and use them.

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