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With almost 40 years' experience, Renew has many resources to help with your sustainability needs

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Solar & Batteries

Information and resources to help you plan a solar, battery or off-grid system for your home.

Sustainable Home Design

Considerations when designing, renovating or making small improvements to create your sustainable home.

Efficient Electric Homes

From efficient electric heating, cooling, appliances, energy monitoring and assessing, what you need to go off gas.

Electric Vehicles

Advice and resources for EV current owners, or anyone looking to lighten their footprint and buy an EV.

Water conservation, collection and reuse

Resources for conserving water and using rainwater and greywater at home.

Waste reduction, reuse and recycling

Waste reduction and recycling at home, during construction and at the end of life of products like solar and batteries.

Community Energy

Resources for and stories about communities coming together to create community owned and run renewable energy projects.

Household Tools

Three leading tools developed by Renew to help households. Sunulator, Tankulator and the Free Solar Calculator.

One-on-one advice

Need assistance with solar, batteries or making your home cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and a lighter footprint on the planet?