Sanctuary Issue 59

House profiles 

Family affair

This flexible new backyard studio in Melbourne’s inner north has already accommodated singers, artists and musicians, and will continue to support living and learning into the future.

Garden hideaway

Jake and Nadine’s ‘garden bunkie’ was conceived as a backyard room separated from their Brisbane house by a subtropical garden.

Inner-city upgrade

This Sydney backyard studio turns an underutilised carport area into a multi-use living space, making best use of the tiny inner-city site.

Home work

We visit four Melburnian backyard offices and studios built to make living, learning and working at home easier during the city’s long Covid lockdowns.

Elegant downsizer

This landmark, light-filled Perth home provides energy-efficient and comfortable living for its downsizing owners, with a perfect balance between connection to community and privacy.

Safe haven

An elevated extension to a century-old home on the New South Wales south coast provides a refuge during flash floods, as well as creating more space for the family of three.

A state of calm

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this classic Queenslander in Brisbane has been transformed into a multigenerational oasis of calm.

Ideas & advice

Roofing your alfresco area

The wrong roof on your outdoor room can block sunlight and warmth from your home. Architect Amelia Lee explains how to get your roof right.

Between you and MEEH

My Efficient Electric Home (MEEH) is a rapidly-growing online community where members volunteer their time to help each other improve their homes.

All decked out

When building a deck, careful material selection and detailing is important to ensure a long-lived and sustainable outcome. We take a look at what you need to know.

On the drawing board: Inspired infill fighting urban sprawl

Founder of environmental consultancy The Forever Project, Chris Ferreira demonstrates how urban infill can be done innovatively, with a focus on community and shared green space.

Design Workshop: Cookhouse to tiny house

Rachel and Tom want to turn their 1890s stone outbuilding into a tiny house, but its small size and ageing structure present a challenge. Taylor Buchtmann Architects help out.

Bees’ needs

Street gardening expert Emma Cutting discusses how to create a native pollinator-friendly garden.

Climate Resilient Homes campaign update: No time to lose

Rob McLeod makes the case against further delays in implementing minimum 7-Star homes in the National Construction Code.

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