Sanctuary Issue 56

House profiles 

Just right for one

Built on a budget, Liz Martin’s character-filled home in Bendigo, Victoria, is a delightful example of well-designed urban infill.

Stepping it up

This high-performing Sydney home employs a site-specific design that breaks out of the typical Passive House box.

Proof positive

Veteran of an owner-built, deep green backyard flat project in Mittagong, NSW, Andy Lemann applied his learning to the main house.

Space upgrade

Architect Emma Scragg designed a modest two-storey rear addition to a Brisbane home that has a large impact on how the homeowners live, and minimal impact on the existing house.

House of comfort

In their small, super-sustainable strawbale house in Adelaide, Dylan and Robyn wear t-shirts indoors all year round and don’t pay energy bills.

Hemp hemp hooray

Building with hempcrete was the central decision for Geoff’s sustainable owner-built house in the Narara Ecovillage on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

High water haven

The renovation and downstairs fitout of Marion and Daniel’s Brisbane Queenslander incorporates innovative flood-resilient design features.

Cape crusader

At Cape Paterson in Victoria, one of Australia’s most ambitious housing developments is setting a precedent for community living.

Strait views

Designed to fit the slope of its block, this snug split-level house at The Cape incorporates ribbon windows to maximise views and thermal efficiency.

Basking in sunlight

Part of the community at The Cape, this Passive House is simple, elegant and fit for ageing in place.

Experts explore

Uta on using her new studio as a testing ground

Uta Green explains the design process for her practice’s new studio in Hobart, including using iterative energy ratings to optimise the small building’s performance.

Sid & Dannielle on the value of carefully targeted retrofits for comfort

Perth-based duo Dannielle Robertson and Sid Thoo describe how energy assessments can help identify the best places to spend your retrofit money.

Andy on indoor air quality in increasingly airtight homes

What can you do to ensure a healthy indoor environment when you don’t want your windows open? Architect Andy Marlow explains the experimenting he’s done at his place.

Ideas & advice

Putting waste to work: ‘Green ceramic’ building materials from recycled glass and textiles

A research and industry collaboration is perfecting a range of tiles, fixtures and even artworks made from ‘green ceramics’, repurposing waste materials.

Design Workshop: Fit for a couple or a crowd

Matt wants to build a family retreat that can comfortably accommodate any number from two to a dozen on his waterfront block in Goolwa, South Australia. Geraldine Petit of SUHO helps him pair flexibility with minimal energy use.

Urban homesteads: How to live a more sustainable life in the city

Rebecca Gross explores a growing movement in which city dwellers are cultivating their own produce, connecting with nature and their community and living lower-impact lifestyles.

Climate Resilient Homes campaign update: Cracking the code

Rob McLeod, Renew’s Sustainable Housing Advocate, explains the importance of mandated energy efficiency standards for rental homes.

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