Sanctuary Issue 32

Issue 32 features:

  • Heritage renovation special
  • Solar storage at home
  • Introducing aquaponics
  • Sustainable House Day
  • Renovating by house type
  • Worker’s cottage with a twist

Issue Contents:

Best of both worlds

In inner suburban Adelaide, a light-filled extension to a heritage worker’s cottage takes advantage of a deep block and a glazed link to remain distinct from and respect the original building.

Urban oasis

Architect Caroline Pidcock has restored her historic Sydney terrace to the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Clinker classic

An original Housing Commission ‘semi’ gets an ambitious ESD makeover, earning plaudits in the process.

New angles

For Matthew Duignan, a perfectly oriented but dilapidated weatherboard was the ideal chance to design his own home.

Space to play

With three growing children, Nadya and Robert’s family is bursting out of its two-bedroom Edwardian cottage in Melbourne’s inner west. Tim Ellis of Glow Building Design offers suggestions for more space and less environmental impact.

Make do and mend

Some house types are better suited to passive solar upgrades than others, but all can be made more energy efficient. Emily Braham speaks to sustainable design experts to help you maximise your home renovation’s potential for greater comfort and lower impact living.

Sustainable House Day

Australia’s greenest homes are preparing to open to the public again this September. We take a look inside a few of our favourites.

Introducing aquaponics

Aquaponics is a zero-waste, low-input system for growing fish and vegetables in tandem. The best bit is you can do it in your own garden.

Harvest to last

Food preservation is making a comeback in suburban Australia. The ATA’s Kate Leslie shares some of her experiences with some good tips for reducing waste and making the most of your garden’s bounty.

Bones of contention

To renovate, or not to renovate – that is (so often) the question. Dick Clarke helps you decide on the best approach, posing some hard questions.

Solar stored

Tesla’s dramatic entry into the household energy storage market has shaken up the solar industry, but what effect could it have at the local level? The ATA’s energy analyst Andrew Reddaway says the situation is particularly interesting for those embarking on new builds.