Sanctuary Issue 30

Issue 30 features:

  • A 9 Star home for all ages
  • Going off-grid in the city
  • Cooking with induction
  • Biomimicry
  • Design for climate change in the tropics
  • Creative reuse in Tassie

Issue Contents:

High achiever

The latest project by Positive Footprints is the first in a series of off-the-plan 9 Star homes and an attempt to bring sustainability to the mainstream.

Smart spaces

An architect’s own home nestled amongst the bushland of Margaret River demonstrates the value of restraint.

Happy medium

The owners of this house on Sydney’s north shore both have architectural backgrounds, but they wanted a third one – a potential circuit breaker – to guide their latest project.

Shopfront revival

Architect Chris Clinton’s adaptive reuse of a 1960s bootmakers cum take-away shop is much more than an exercise in recycling.

Jewellery box

A modest extension to a suburban 1950s weatherboard maximises natural light and air for a tranquil retreat in a classic setting.

Design workshop

Family home to last: Steffen Welsch Architects helps a young Melbourne family redesign their 1940s home, making room for entertaining while saving their treasured outdoor space.

In the city, off the grid

Energy independence, a net-zero household and no bill surprises are certainly enticing, but how realistic is going off the electricity grid for most of us?

Nature’s blueprint

Wonder at nature and its complex web of systems is nothing new, but an emerging field of practice which mimics the natural process may just change the face (and function) of contemporary architecture.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants can help soften sterile environments and may have remarkable impacts on our health, as interior designer and healthy home consultant Megan Norgate explains.

Design for climate change – Tropical Australia

Tropical design experts People Oriented Design and Dr Lisa Law of James Cook University suggest how we might create high-performing energy-efficient homes to last, while Sanctuary expert Dick Clarke considers designing for flood-prone areas.

Should we be going off gas?

In the face of rising gas prices, efficient electric appliances may be more cost effective for heating and cooking, and better for the environment too, according to a recently launched report by The Alternative Technology Association.

Autumn Digs

Autumn is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for the likely fierce summers ahead. Bill Bampton, head gardener of The Diggers Club’s Heronswood, shares some tips on making the most of it.

Now we’re cooking…with induction

Going off gas can make both environmental and economic sense, as the ATA’s newly released report has found. The organisation’s Sophie Liu, who has recently made her own happy induction cooktop purchase, considers what this means in the kitchen.