Sanctuary Issue 22

  • Edwardian charm
  • A growing community
  • Keeping your cool
  • Greened and watered
  • Growing up
  • Smart tech homes
  • Eco developments
  • Speed Date a Sustainable Designer
  • Suburban treehouse
  • A passion for placemaking
  • Japan-inspired
  • Retrofit with flair
  • Good soil

Issue Contents:

Edwardian charm

Veggies out front, scooter out back, an eco makeover pays homage to this Melbourne bayside home\’s past and a more environmentally sustainable present.

Retrofit with flair

A Queensland renovation lifts a Brisbane home’s energy performance and liveability significantly and sustainably, with just a few changes to the floor plan.


A Japanese-influenced and passively designed house in Hamilton, New Zealand, seeks to cross cultural borders.

A passion for placemaking

A renovated Melbourne apartment steeps it’s guests in local creativity, eco design and sustainable living.

Suburban treehouse

A lightweight treetop extension gives a young Sydney family a little extra space and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Speed Date a Sustainable Designer

After a successful year with events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Sydney, Speed Date a Sustainable Designer is back in 2013.


A selection of developers are thinking big and delivering the next and more sustainable generation of house and land packages. Sasha Shtargot looks at what Australia’s newest eco developments have to offer.

Smart tech homes

Smart grid technology is here, offering increasingly more options for home automation. But are we in danger of going gizmo-crazy?

Growing up

In New South Wales, Jill and Wayne want their house to grow up rather than out to fit their family of seven more comfortably. Caroline Pidcock of Pidcock Architecture + Sustainability helps them with their design.

Greened and watered

Dick Clarke looks at green greywater treatment options, from green walls to rain gardens.

Keeping your cool

Alan Pears looks at your options for financially and environmentally sustainable cooling.

A growing community

Food growing groups are popping up all over Australia to make gardening more fun and productive.

Good soil

There is more than you think living and working in your garden. Composting can help your soil teem with life.