Sanctuary Issue 15

  • Sall Gestures
  • Orientation
  • Build It Up, Recycle It Down
  • Cleaner, Greener Hot Water
  • Design Workshop: Let The Sun Shine In
  • Greener Apartments
  • Community By Design
  • Co-Housing
  • In Case Of Fire
  • Shed Built
  • Tallowwood Treehouse
  • Compact Floor Plans

Issue Contents:

Sall Gestures

Despite its small size, this Canberra house provides a rich living environment, thanks to the gentle touch of architects Joanna Nelson and Nino Bellantonio. O’Connor, Canberra, ACT. Joanna Nelson Architect

Tallowwood Treehouse

Small and smart: another new home showcases best practice esd. Currumbin Valley, Queensland. Symbiosphere Pty Ltd

Shed Built

Making the most of existing space to increase density and utility in urban areas is well underway in Seattle. Seattle, US. SHED Architecture

In Case Of Fire

This new home on a bush block north-west of Melbourne meets new requirements for building in bushfire prone areas, without sacrificing sustainability or livability. Musk, Victoria. Sunpower Design Pty Ltd


The co-housing movement is growing rapidly, particularly in Europe and America.

Community By Design

One of Australia’s first eco developments, Christie Walk, was built in Adelaide in 2003. Sanctuary revisits the project to see if a community built from scratch can live up to expectations.

Greener Apartments

Despite the numerous hurdles, it is possible to make apartment buildings more environmentally friendly.

Design Workshop: Let The Sun Shine In

Sanctuary readers Toby and Melina are planning a renovation to their dark weatherboard house in Melbourne’s inner west, to let in more sun and better connect it to their back garden. Jeremy Spencer, from sustainable design and build company Positive Footprints, gives them some pointers on their design. West Footscray, Melbourne, VIC.

Cleaner, Greener Hot Water

Close coupled or split system? Gas or electric booster? Solar hot water presents some intriguing choices.

Build It Up, Recycle It Down

“Deconstruction” – it’s the new word for a growing industry reusing building materials.


What’s all the fuss about? Dick Clarke considers the importance of northern orientation in sustainable house design.

Compact Floor Plans

Architect Marie Wallin takes a look at the spatial ergonomics of house design to ensure every square metre of a compact home is fully utilised.