Review: The Australian Beekeeping Manual

Robert Owen
Exisle Publishing
RRP $49.99

There are over 10,000 registered beekeepers in Australia and interest in backyard and rooftop hives is booming. Robert Owen is on a mission to spread the joy of beekeeping, which he says stretches beyond the honey bounty. The bee “has unparalleled supremacy as a pollinator of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy on a daily basis,” he says. “With a growing realisation of the importance of the bee, it is a small step for someone to then become interested in keeping their own hives.”

Most beekeeping books are published in the United States or the UK where beekeeping conditions are very different to those here in Australia, so this comprehensive local guide with 350 photographs is a welcome addition. As any beekeeper will attest, when things go wrong, keeping bees can be an expensive and frustrating activity. This manual can help apiarists avoid the pitfalls and understand the process, and is perfect for the novice through to lifelong beekeeper.