Resources for people impacted by the bushfire crisis

Renew is aware that many people in our community have been impacted by the devastating bushfire crisis across Australia. As time passes, we know some are starting to consider their options for rebuilding homes and property that have were lost. Below are a few resources that you or someone you know may find useful.

St. Vinnies Bushfire Information Guide

First-line information for anyone impacted by the fires, including emergency alerts, resources for temporary housing and financial assistance, and insurance and health information.

National Bushfire Recovery Agency

The federal government’s official website on bushfire recovery, with links to information on disaster recovery payment and emergency relief.

Country Fire Authority Home Improvements

A list of improvements to consider if you live in a high-fire risk area.

The Bushfire Store

Crucial source of products for those who life in high-risk areas and are concerned about defending homes and property.

Architects Assist

This initiative set up by the Australian Institute of Architects connects people who have lost homes or community buildings in natural disasters with architects offering pro bono design services for rebuilding.

Build It Back Green

After the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, Renew collaborated with Green Cross Australia to create Build It Back Green, a guide to building sustainably as communities recover from wildfires. The website includes guidelines for building bushfire-safe dwellings, stories from others impacted by bushfires and much more.

Your Home sustainable building guide

Your Home is an in-depth guide to building and renovating environmentally sustainable homes created by the federal government. The free website includes resources on everything from passive solar design to materials and energy efficiency. Visit our shop if you prefer to purchase the book.

Clean Energy Home Loan

Our partner Bank Australia recently launched a loan specifically for sustainable homes. If you’re planning on building or buying a home rated at 7 Stars or above on the NatHERS scale, you can get a 0.40% p.a. discount on your interest rate for up to five years.

Renew magazine and Sanctuary magazine back catalogues

Our magazines Renew and Sanctuary are full of articles about building sustainably as well as practical advice like a cladding buyers guide and articles on building in high-BAL zones. You can read many of our articles online for free at each magazine’s website (links above). If you’re interested in buying a whole issue you can do so on our shop, where you can also find other useful books and ebooks about sustainable design and building.

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