Renew Issue 145

Spring issue – water saving, solar upgrades, battery update + more

Renew 145 is our water saving special. Read all about rainwater tank options in our Rainwater Tank Buyers Guide. The lovely passionfruit vine-covered rainwater tank featured on our cover demonstrates that even dense inner-city houses can easily hold back most of their stormwater runoff—saving water, cooling cities, reducing flooding problems and protecting rivers. Our special feature includes many case studies of rainwater tank use, larger-scale stormwater projects, beautiful wetlands and waterwise gardens. Plus we examine the regulations around solar upgrades, look at where the energy storage market is at, update on electric vehicle options in Australia and follow several inspiring community-based energy projects. Plus much more!

Special feature: water saving

Why I built a wetland

With ‘her friend, the mattock’, Mara Ripani is planting out a wetland and reaping the benefits in diversity, beauty and joy.

Waterwise in your  own backyard

Tips from a WA garden designer on designing a waterwise garden.

Choosing a rainwater tank – Buyers Guide

Materials, siting, sizing, filters, pumps and more: what you need to consider when installing a tank. Plus rainwater tank case studies x 6.

Stormwater reuse

So many benefits from stormwater use on show in these great projects.

Two decades of monitoring

Where water gets used in the home.

Other articles

Energy storage update

Lance Turner updates what’s happening in the market and what to look for.

Students get behind an infrared camera

These high school students learnt how to test for air leakage and become proficient DIY-installers—leading to great results for the homes involved, and benefits for the whole community. Plus read about one of the households involved.

Solar upgrades

Do you have a failed inverter, failed panel or just want to get a bigger solar system? We survey the options and challenges.

My brilliant (sustainable) career

If you’d like to get involved in sustainability in your day job, where do you start? Alan Strickland looks at several fields with sustainability at their core. Plus we present a Renewable Energy Courses Buyers Guide.

Totally Renewable Yackandandah

TRY is leading the way with a plan to be 100% renewable by 2022. Here’s what they’ve done so far and the exciting developments about to happen in Yack.

When loyalty becomes liability

Even those in the know can end up with a raw deal on their energy bill. Engineer Andrew Mitchell explains his own ‘wake-up call’ and what he (and you) can do about it.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle options

What electric vehicle types are available and how do you work out which will best suit your needs? Bryce Gaton offers a suggested ‘ideal’ usage pattern for each to assist your choice.

Strata strategies

How do you charge an electric vehicle if you live in an apartment or unit?