ReNew Issue 118

ReNew Issue 118 is out now!

  • WISE wind, unwise decision
  • Voltron, the electric RG250
  • Mythbusting electric vehicles
  • Waste woody biomass
  • Smart sustainable reno
  • Putting solar panels to the test
  • Off the grid in the city
  • East-west solar tracker
  • Solar panel buyers guide
  • Bushfire zone windows and doors
  • Baby steps after the floods
  • Resilient and sustainable
  • Reliable rainwater supply
  • Cyclone resistant in the tropics
  • Biodiesel or veggie oil?

Issue Contents:

WISE wind, unwise decision

One community group is hoping to proceed with a community wind farm, despite new restrictions.

Cyclone resistant in the tropics

Find out why this tropical rainforest retreat, featured in ReNew 95, has survived two Category 5 cyclones.

Reliable rainwater supply

Protecting your rainwater tank in case of bushfire, flood, cyclone or earthquake can make a huge difference to recovery, writes Anjali Brown.

Resilient and sustainable

Rebuilding has been slow since the Black Saturday bushfires. We visit new homes in Yarra Glen and Marysville to see what’s different.

Baby steps after the floods

Architect Mark Thomson is trying a hands-on approach to rebuilding in flood-affected areas.

Bushfire zone windows and doors

Find out the window requirements in bushfire prone areas, or listen to the audio files at

Solar panel buyers guide

All the details on solar panel warranties, cell types, size and price to help you decide which system is best for your home.

East-west solar tracker

This simple solar tracker pleases the neighbours and improves the system’s performance.

Off the grid in the city

Find out why a battery backup on your grid-connect system can be an advantage.

Putting solar panels to the test

Curious about the real performance of photovoltaic panels, ReNew reader Colin Dedman has put seven brands to the test.

Smart sustainable reno

The pool has been transformed into a rainwater tank and cooling system, and there’s also a novel solar wall. Check out this innovative renovation.

Waste woody biomass

Biomass is often the forgotten renewable energy. David Coote explains how woody biomass has been used in Europe to meet renewable energy targets.

Mythbusting electric vehicles

Are EVs a real solution for low carbon transport or a technological red herring? Members of ATA’s Electric Vehicle Branches investigate.

Voltron, the electric RG250

Christopher Jones shows us how he converted a petrol bike to clean, quiet electric power.

Biodiesel or veggie oil?

Find out some of the challenges, and many benefits of running a vehicle on biodiesel or veggie oil.