ReNew Issue 117

ReNew Issue 117 is out now!

  • The recycled apartment
  • eVolvo: A Swedish EVolution
  • Cooling for the Aussie attic
  • A DIY double glazing journey
  • Software to save energy
  • The low-carb calculator
  • Energy saving products guide
  • Neighbour-friendly wind generator
  • The great outdoor solar kitchen
  • How long until free energy?
  • Troubleshooting PV problems
  • Off-the-grid in the ranges
  • Tools for energy reduction
  • Renewable energy courses guide

Issue Contents:

The recycled apartment

Graham Bury explains how he gave his faithful friend a new home that cost next to nothing.

Tools for energy reduction

Measure and reduce your energy use with these physical and virtual devices.

Off-the-grid in the ranges

Leanne and Luke Potter chose a hybrid system for a reliable, sustainable energy supply.

Troubleshooting PV problems

Justine Sanchez of HomePower magazine looks at situations that can affect a PV system’s output and new troubleshooting tools that are available to help.

How long until free energy?

We take a look at how changes to feed-in tariffs affect the solar payback equation for each state.

The great outdoor solar kitchen

This couple only cook with solar and make the most of the great outdoors.

Neighbour-friendly wind generator

Michael Laba explains how he built a quiet and neighbour-friendly wind turbine from recycled parts.

Energy saving products guide

Lance Turner identifies some home energy use culprits and nominates the best appliances, gadgets and DIY options for an energy smart home.

The low-carb calculator

Want to know how to get ready for a carbon price? Alan Pears’ shows us his new online tool to measure and reduce household energy use.

Software to save energy

While modelling software is used to rate the energy efficiency of new buildings, Richard Keech used computer simulations to assess the value of retrofits.

A DIY double glazing journey

When his job as a home sustainability assessor ended, Alan Cuthbertson turned retrofitting windows into a business. He shares his tips.

Cooling for the Aussie attic

Nathan Hurst’s experiments with insulation paid off when converting an old ceiling space into an attic.

eVolvo: A Swedish EVolution

Looking for the perfect medium-sized car for an EV conversion, Greg Sievert and Wayne Bowers decided it just had to be a Volvo!

Renewable energy courses guide

Inspired to start a new career? More and more professionals are retraining to work in the renewable energy sector, writes Sigrid Parker.