Atauro community buildings

In 2021, Renew will install another 5 solar systems on Atauro with the support of an anonymous donor and the Rotary Club of Adelaide.

Most communities on Atauro are off-grid.  There is only one small electricity grid located at the Administrative centre of Vila, operating from 8pm-7am, which also extends to service near-by villages.  The need for solar power, therefore, is significant.

Our local partner on Atauro, Roman Luan NGO, worked with community leaders to prioritise community facilities for the 2021 installations.  The priority sites are: the Encino Basico Primary School in Fatu’u, the Biqueli Youth Centre, the Arlo Community Centre, the Anartuto Health Clinic and the Maquili Health Clinic

Roman Luan NGO and CNEFP will work together in April-May 2021 to install these systems.

These projects build on Renew’s legacy of powering community buildings – helping the provision of essential services and facilitating community connections.