When: Monday 4th May 2020, 7:00 pm AEST (Hobart time). You’ll be able to ‘check in’ from 6:50pm.
Where: ONLINE – If you haven’t used Zoom before we strongly recommend that you use this link to test your setup. You will need to click on this link to join the meeting on the night (please so not distribute this link).

Presentation: Plastic Recycling with Digital Fabrication – a Tasmanian focus

From our Prime Minister to our Local Councils; from our teachers to our businesses’ owners – most of us agree that the recent COVID-19 crisis has become a wake-up call to many things that needed changing, many things that we were already feeling uncomfortable with, many things that many of us were ‘capitalising’ from in a way or another.  There is a global movement that is growing as response to many pains from globalisation –  www.fab.city
Fab.city is about cities producing what they consume – addressing issues of sovereignty, prosperity and dignity.
How mad were we to think that this messy global system of production would last forever. It is crumbling down and impacting on the most unexpected life support systems that we always took for granted. However, more than just focusing on the problem, we’ll look at the better things that we can do with fab.city . There are technological solutions that allow us to convert waste into valuable items; solutions that allow us to compete with the exploitative systems of mass production; solutions that allow us to grow our fruits and vegetables with less effort — all of that whilst engaging with our neighbours and society. This talk will look at Fab City from the perspective of waste and digital fabrication in Tasmania and the example of RopeBot – a system for recycling plastic waste from aquaculture and fishing rope and nets. You can read more about the RopeBot project in this ABC article.

Speakers: Marcos Gogolin is a part-time teacher at TasTAFE with a background in architectural design and sustainability.

Klaus Stroehl, director of BIM Consulting at Gandy & Roberts consulting engineers, will give a short introduction to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) concept at the end of Marcos’ talk as the enabler to facilitate local digital fabrication processes in the building industry.

Marcos has provided these links arising from the material presented on the evening;

You can view the video of this presentation here.


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