Welcome progress on energy standards

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Renew congratulates the State and Territory Building Ministers for taking an important step in the right direction by agreeing to enhance energy efficiency standards for new residential buildings in the National Construction Code. Renew is heartened that Building Ministers have heard the call by a diverse range of community organisations that raising efficiency performance is in the interests of consumers, particularly low-income and disadvantaged households who are most in need of the bill savings and health benefits of efficient homes.

For most Australians, their home is not only the largest investment they will ever make, but will also have a profound impact on their cost of living and quality of life for decades. This decision helps pave the way towards ensuring all home-buyers – not only those equipped with detailed knowledge around efficiency options – have access to a higher performing home.

Building homes that are less reliant on energy to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature year-round will also reduce stress on the electricity grid, improve resilience to extreme weather and deliver low-cost emission reductions while making the transition to renewable energy cheaper and faster.

The agreement at the Building Ministers forum, held on July 18, is an important step toward increasing the energy efficiency of Australian homes as part of updates to the national construction Code 2022. The decision was informed by the COAG Energy Council’s Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings, which aligns closely with recommendations of the Built to Perform report released by ASBEC and ClimateWorks in 2018. Built to Perform showed that stronger energy standards in the National Construction Code could reduce household energy bills by up to $900 each year, contributing to up to $29 billion in reduced energy bills and 78 million tonnes of cumulative emissions savings across the economy by 2050.

For the past year, Renew has been leading a coalition of consumer and industry groups calling for urgent action to raise the energy performance of Australia’s homes. The Australian Building Codes Board will soon be releasing a paper for public consultation on options for implementing these provisions in the NCC. Renew will be continuing to engage with this process in collaboration with our community sector partners to ensure we get the best possible outcome for Australian consumers and the environment.

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