Resources for Renters

You shouldn’t be stuck paying higher energy bills just because you rent.

This page collects some simple resources on improving the energy performance of rental homes.


Want to read more tips about what you can do in your home? 

Read the Renters’ Guide to Sustainable Living from Renew.


Presentations from 24 September 2020 webinar – Sustainability for Renters

Want to review what you saw at Sustainable House Day 2020? Download the presentations.

You can watch the presentation and Renew’s other webinars at the Renew Youtube page.


Your local tenants union

If you need advice on your rights as a renter, the tenants union in your state or territory is a good starting point.


Example letter requesting modifications

An example letter requesting modifications prepared by Tenants Victoria is available here. Contact your local tenants union for information for other states and territories.


How can we get a better deal for renters?

Renew and our partners are pushing for large-scale investment in home energy improvements for renters and people on low incomes. Read our plan here.


Want to read more?

Issue 153 of Renew magazine takes an in-depth look at rental home energy performance.