When: Wednesday 15th April 2020, 7:00 pm AEST (Melbourne time). You’ll be able to ‘check in’ from 6:50pm.
Where: Online webinar using ‘Zoom’ (relocated due to COVID-19). If you haven’t used Zoom before use this link to test your setup. You will need to get a ticket using the link below.


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Presentation:  Ellen Sandell is excited to present a webinar on climate action in Victoria. Ellen’s presentation will look at the state of play for climate policy in Victoria, ways we can remain engaged during these uncertain times, and opportunities for renewables to reboot our economy post COVID. Her area of expertise is in how to influence policy-makers and in climate policy (particularly at the state level), and how this influences the energy markets and businesses. She will outline her costed plan for how we could get Victoria to 100% renewable energy and what technologies would be a part of that and talk about positive plans that many companies have at the moment. She can also talk briefly about how we all can continue our work on climate change at this time of crisis.

* In line with Renew’s apolitical and independent nature, this will be a non-partisan exploration of the topic.

Speaker: Ellen Sandell is the Greens State MP for Melbourne and Victorian Greens climate and energy spokesperson. She trained as a scientist and has worked hard for social justice all her adult life. Before becoming an MP, she was the CEO of a national climate change non-profit organisation. As the representative for Melbourne, she is fighting for action on climate change, a clean economy and a more caring society in the Victorian Parliament.

You can view the video of this presentation here.

Chris Moss, Rob Gardner, Rick Molloy and Peter Wonfor, Melbourne branch committee.

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* We recognise and appreciate the assistance of the University of Melbourne Energy Transition Hub in providing the venue for our normal events. we look forward to resuming physical meetings in the future.