When: Wednesday 17th June 2020, 7:00 pm AEST (Melbourne time). You’ll be able to ‘check in’ from 6:50pm.
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Presentation: Tim will talk about how heat pumps (air conditioners) can be used for effective space heating, at a much cheaper cost than gas or electric heaters. This is a follow on from his previous talk on hot water heat pumps (here). He’ll discuss a few systems based on his experience as an energy advisor, including the issues when using ducted and unducted systems in the same house, heat pump hydronic systems, radiator systems and reverse cycle air conditioners.

Speaker: Tim Forcey graduated as a chemical engineer in America during the energy crises of the late 1970’s. Tim then worked in industrial energy for 35 years overseas and in Australia for firms including ExxonMobil, BHP, Jemena, and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Between 2013 and 2017 Tim acted as energy advisor at the University of Melbourne where he published research into Australia’s electricity market, pumped hydro energy storage, methane emissions from unconventional oil and gas production, and the economics of fuel-switching from gas to renewable-energy alternatives in industry and in homes.

Over the last decade, Tim has been in over 1,000 Melbourne homes acting as a home energy advisor. He worked with the Moreland Energy Foundation – Positive Charge and the state government with the development of the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard. Tim Forcey has volunteered with Renew and has authored articles published in Renew Magazine. Tim created the Facebook group “My Efficient Electric Home”, where over 14,000 members help each other to save money, in their ever more comfortable, and greener, electric homes.

You can view the video of this presentation here.

Rick Molloy, Chris Moss, Rob Gardner, Ajay Hooda and Peter Wonfor, Melbourne branch committee.

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