If you have more detailed questions about solar, batteries, going off grid, hot water systems, space heating and cooling, general energy efficiency, or lowering your energy bills, Renew’s independent experts can help you make the right choices specific to your home or business through an Energy Consultation.

Our experts can provide detailed, one-on-one technical and economic advice regarding:

  • how solar, battery, hot water, heating & cooling, and other energy efficient technology works
  • sizing and designing these systems for optimal performance and maximum economic return at your premises
  • how to select quality suppliers and system components, including comparing quotes across different suppliers
  • analysing and deciphering your bills and ways to reduce your energy use
  • an overall energy management approach to hedge against future energy price rises and reduce your environmental footprint at the same time.

Consultations involve one hour of Renew time to investigate and advise on your specific energy management needs. This includes the use of a feedback survey, your energy bills and potentially your smart meter data (where available).

Where appropriate, we use our in-house model that simulates energy consumption, generation and bills in half-hourly intervals. This enables us to:

  • Estimate the energy consumption of heating and cooling and hot water appliances, which is helpful for new homes
  • Compare the bill impact of complex electricity tariffs, including time-of-use and time-varying feed-in tariffs, which helps identify the best deal with retailers
  • Estimate the effect on solar generation of shading from an existing or proposed building, helpful for working through town planning issues.

Consultations are typically conducted via Zoom, however can also be done via phone, Skype or in-person at our Melbourne office.

Costs for a one-hour consultation are:

$199 for members
$275 for non-members

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