Wagga Wagga homes can save with renewables

New research from Renew shows that energy efficiency, rooftop solar, and all-electric appliances can lead to big home energy bill savings for Wagga Wagga residents.

A medium-large detached home in Wagga Wagga could cut energy bills by over $1800 a year by installing a 3kW rooftop solar system and ditching gas appliances.

And Wagga Wagga renters could save over $500 a year in heating costs with insulation and efficient reverse cycle air conditioning replacing inefficient gas heaters.

With energy costs and tariffs rising, Renew’s analysis shows that renewables and home energy efficiency measures are critical to easing cost of living pressure on households.

Renew’s analysis

Renew has conducted independent analysis by simulating the energy needed for homes with a range of energy efficiency features and appliances using our in-house energy modelling platform Sunulator.

The analysis uses detailed local climate data for Wagga Wagga and retail energy tariffs offered for Wagga Wagga residents by Red Energy as at 25 February 2023.

The Wagga Wagga findings follow methodology established in Renew’s analysis of capital city locations in Limiting energy bills by getting off gas: all-electric homes after the 2022 energy crisis.

Read Renew’s independent analysis of Wagga Wagga energy bills here.