EVs: Electricity Bills, Energy Use & Carbon


Electric Vehicles are emerging in Australia. This study seeks to explore the potential impact of electric vehicles on household energy usage and electricity bills, and to explore the ability of solar photovoltaic technology, coupled with household energy storage, to offset both grid energy usage and cost.

The Cape is an environmentally friendly housing development, comprising 230 new homes at Cape Paterson, on Victoria’s south-east coast.

The purpose of this analysis has been to explore optimal solar PV and battery system sizes at The Cape, for a range of home sizes and driving characteristics, in order to achieve:

  • zero stationary energy bills and zero transport energy bills; and
  • net zero energy and carbon for both stationary energy transport energy.

Renew modelled a range of different household sizes, different solar and battery system sizes, different EV charging patterns and different annual kilometres travelled, in order to capture a range of results that can be explored, with the original purpose in mind.

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