Renew Issue 147: contents

Issue Contents:

Issue 147 is hot off the press and full of advice for your sustainable home this autumn. As always, Renew comes overflowing with articles to satisfy both the technically and the not-so-technically minded. Regardless of whether your interest is energy efficiency in your climate zone, draught sealing your home, DIY garden projects, understanding load shedding in the grid, or getting condensation under control, there is something for everyone in this issue.

Renew 147 has a special focus on energy efficiency. Inside you’ll find:

Special feature: Energy efficiency

Unravelling energy use around Australia

What counts as energy-efficient in one climate zone may be ineffective or unnecessary in another. We dig deep into energy use averages and trends in different states of Australia.

Climate-zone case studies x 6

How six households have tackled energy efficiency in their homes around Australia.

Draught sealing buyers guide

Draughts can make your home far less comfortable than it needs to be. Sealing them up is one of the simplest things to do for an energy-efficient home.

Condensation concerns

As our homes get more airtight, it’s important to consider ventilation and moisture control to avoid condensation problems.

Upper storey comfort

Upper storeys are more exposed to sun and wind, and shading can be tricky to manage. So how do you get a good night’s sleep upstairs?

Upper storey case studies x 2

Homes with upper storeys that perform in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery – mini buyers guide

Heat recovery systems bring in fresh air with minimal heat loss. Here’s a mini buyers guide on what to look for.

Small loads that add up

With devices like internet modems that are always on, how much of a problem is that for energy use?

Energy-efficient stained glass

It is possible to use old materials in a new energy-efficient build.

Other articles

Load shedding coming to your area soon?

We look at how areas get chosen for scheduled power outages, and whether rooftop solar can come to the rescue.

A solar+battery decision

Hugh Cross on why he installed a solar+battery system, and how it’s working.

Solar gardens

Can solar gardens help renters, apartment owners and low-income households access the renewable energy revolution?

Making kerosene history

While the western world takes electricity access for granted, a large part of the world has no such luxury. But that is changing.

Off-grid in the suburbs

Martin Chape has quite a few solar energy systems; his latest is an off-grid system that runs his whole house in the suburbs of Perth.

DIY: Sheet mulch and compost

From bare lawn to permaculture paradise: this DIY gives tips and tricks for using sheet mulch and hot composting to improve your backyard.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle update

The move to electric transport, in all its forms, is now well underway and 2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year indeed.