Renew mag: electric vehicle special

We reach a milestone with Renew 148 as it is Lance Turner’s 100th issue. Lance is our technical editor who we rely on for so much at Renew. Lance writes our buyers guides almost every magazine and you’ll find his 78th (!) guide in this issue. It’s fitting that it’s on a topic very close to his heart—sustainable transport—with our first-ever Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide.

With the market for EVs finally starting to take off in Australia, is it time to “take charge” of greening your ride? Our buyers guide can help. We present the vehicle options available now and coming soon, and dig in to the specs you’ll want to consider when making your choice. We also look at how EVs work, bust some EV myths, present your charging options and consider where EVs are heading – plus much more in 10 packed pages!

To help you work out whether an EV is right for you, we’ve got five case studies of EV owners who’ve already taken the plunge – showcasing a Leaf, Ioniq, Tesla X, i-MiEV and Australia’s first farm ute conversion. Each has a story to tell, whether it’s charging from solar with a Zappi, managing range in the country or towing a horse float with a Tesla X.

We also get into the lighter end of the EV spectrum, with two stories from e-bike owners about how much they now love to ride their (electric) bicycles.

Plus we look at the carrot and the stick of sustainable transport policy, what’s happening in the world of long-distance e-transport, the winning formula of an all-electric solar home and EV, and just how significant the car pooling opportunity could be.

Renew 148 includes a host of other articles, including a story about a solar-powered building site, a case study on converting from gas to electric heat pump hydronic heating , a summary of Renew’s report on the emissions of electricity vs gas for household appliances and a DIY double glazing project – perfect for renters. Enjoy!

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