Renew Launches its Getting Off Gas Toolkit


On July 20th, Renew launched the Getting Off Gas Toolkit at a live event in Melbourne for members and the community to come together and support the move towards household electrification. 

The event was well-attended and provided a vital moment for members to re-connect and throw their support behind the Toolkit and Renew’s commitment towards supporting Australian households to make smarter and more efficient choices when it comes to how we fuel our homes.

Renew has received strong interest from a range of local councils, partner organisations, members and the wider community to develop resources that support the electrification of households.  With vital support coming from Boundless Earth and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Renew began to undertake research and collate material from the growing number of reports and sources coming out weekly looking into the sometimes tricky issue of when and how Australians can look towards household electrification to counter rising energy bills, health concerns and general inefficiencies linked to using gas in our homes.

People need access to the right information at the right time to empower them to make decisions about how to electrify their homes to suit their unique situation. They also need to understand why they’re being asked to make changes to the way they heat their homes, cook, and fuel their car.

The Getting Off Gas Toolkit has now been launched and aims to provide clear, trusted and accessible practical advice for households, organisations (such as councils) and businesses working in this area.

We encourage you to check out the Toolkit and find the page that is relevant to where you are on your own journey.  Whether it be for economic, environmental or health reasons there is clear, concise and well-researched information there to help you understand the implications, and the benefits of making the transition now, or as soon as possible, for you and your family.

Following on directly from the Toolkit launch, Renew successfully ran a Getting off Gas webinar series over 4 weeks in July/August which delved into many of the topics covered by the Toolkit.  Inviting professionals, government agencies, academics, architects and those who work across the electrification fields to join four distinct panels, the webinar series was a great opportunity to dive deeper into many of the topics and provide an opportunity for participants who signed up to watch the event live to have their questions answered by the experts.

The panels covered topics such as “How to plan your Electrification Journey”, “Choosing Your Appliances”, “All Electric Homes, Solar, EVs and Batteries”, “Trades, Wiring, Plumbing and TroubleShooting”. Renew would like to acknowledge and thank our webinar series sponsors: Pure Electric (Gold Sponsor), Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (Silver Sponsor), Be Energy Efficient (Bronze Sponsor), and HIP V. HYPE and Minimum Wines who were our launch sponsors.

The series is now up and available on the Toolkit website, and the Renew Youtube.