This month Renew’s Melbourne Branch has a panel discussion with Craig Reucassel, broadcaster of ‘Fight for Planet A’ recently broadcast on ABC TV and available on iview here, and ‘Big Weather’  starting on October 13  (Details here).   He is joined by Richard Keech, energy efficiency expert and electric vehicle owner, who will talk about the energy efficiency changes. Bryce Gaton, of the AEVA will talk about the latest developments in electric vehicles. There will be a short introduction from each speaker, followed by Questions and Answers. Please ask your questions in the Q&A channel.


Craig is a well-known broadcaster, over many years, with recent series such as War on Waste and the Checkout.

Richard Keech is an engineer, consultant and author with particular interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has Masters degrees in both Engineering (Electronics) and Environment (Energy Efficiency). He was a lead author of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan, and a regular contributor to the Renew’s publications on topics related to energy efficiency. Richard lives in Melbourne with his family in their zero-carbon home. Richard is the author of ‘The Energy Freedom Home‘ published by Scribe.

Bryce has been working and writing on Electric Vehicles (EVs) since 2008. His interest in EVs comes in part from his desire to lead a low environmental impact lifestyle – plus the fact that EVs are way cooler to drive than ICE ones! His latest EV drive is a Hyundai Kona electric in which he has already covered over 20,000km – a third of which has been interstate travel.

He regularly writes on EV topics for TheDriven website and Renew magazine and on behalf of both AEVA and Renew presents on EV issues and opportunities to government, business and community groups.

Watch our recording of the event.