This event has changed to an online webinar in response to current COVID risks in Melbourne. If you have already registered to attend, you will receive the necessary web link by email from our Humanitix ticketing system. 

Join our Melbourne Branch to hear about the state of Electric Vehicle development in Australia, and then participate in conversation about the future of the Melbourne Branch of Renew. After the Q&A, attendees will be invited to share their ideas for the future of the Branch. 

Hear from Bryce Gaton 

Bryce Gaton is one of our foremost speakers on the state of Electric Vehicle development in Australia. Hear about the basic technologies, systems and charging options for EVs, and an overview of the latest and soon to come long-weekend and tradie EV options along with a dig into the ins and outs of the recent Vic Government EV proposals. Bryce will also detail the current (and coming) Australian options for buying new and second-hand plug-in EVs, and finish by showing how to evaluate which is the right one for your needs. (Or how long it might be till one that does hits our shores). 

Through being a driver of EVs, qualified science/environmental education teacher AND electrician: Bryce is well positioned to discuss the personal, environmental and technical aspects of moving with e-motion. 

Learn about the Melbourne Branch 

The Renew Melbourne Branch provides a forum for people in the Melbourne region to share their interest in sustainability, including renewable energy, conserving energy, good building design and water conservation. These topics often have a practical slant and include members’ hands-on experience. 

You can meet our Melbourne Branch Committee, led by long-term Convenor Chris Moss, during this event and learn how you can get involved. 


  • You will receive the necessary web link for the webinar from this ticketing system. 
  • We have a capacity of 100 people. 
  • There are a number of free tickets to the webinar for those with financial hardship 
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