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Electric Vehicles are better for the environment and cheaper to run – and we all want one now!


Mr Clive Attwater – Vice-President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Clive has driven electric since 2014 and is part of a group of investors that have helped complete the Tasmanian state-wide EV fast charge network. Clive believes EVs are now inevitable and will happen faster than most people think, the focus should be on making the transition happen well.


Mr Anthony Broese van Groenou – Co-founder and director of The Good Car co

Anthony is also a PhD researcher investigating socio-technical systems and modelling uptake of Electric Vehicles, identifying opportunities and barriers for an equitable transition.

Renew has always advocated for the use of renewable energy and lower emission transport and this year begins its ‘Electric Vehicle 2030 Roadmap ‘ program.

The webinar has time for questions at the end. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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