Community coalition calls for ambitious retrofit program

Renew is proud to be one of 90 organisations across the community, business, environment, and research sectors calling on the Federal government to introduce an ambitious home energy retrofit package, prioritising low-income households.

As energy bills mount, cost of living and the climate change crisis worsens, the case for retrofitting homes with electrification, energy efficiency, gas appliance replacement, and rooftop solar installations, has never been stronger.

Millions of houses in Australia waste energy; are unnecessarily expensive to power; are too hot in summer and too cold in winter; and rely on inefficient, high polluting, unhealthy and increasingly expensive gas for heating, hot water and cooking.

People experiencing financial disadvantage, especially those who rent in social and private housing, are particularly impacted. Too many live in dangerously cold or hot homes making them sick, unable to afford essential energy, and unable to afford or access the benefits of electrification, energy efficiency and rooftop solar.

Read the full letter here.