Australia needs a National Energy Performance Strategy

Renew strongly welcomes the Australian government’s development of a National Energy Performance Strategy. We believe that the right policies can significantly reduce the barriers to better energy performance, making the broader energy transition both faster and fairer.

Efficient, all-electric homes reduce cost of living, reduce emissions, improve health and comfort, and speed up the transition to renewables. Improving the energy performance of Australia’s homes is critical to ensuring that nobody is left behind in the energy transition.

Renew’s recommendations for the Strategy:

  1. Set targets for residential energy efficiency, subject to regular review
  2. Invest in monitoring and data collection
  3. Embed climate resilience in Strategy
  4. Set target for increases to NCC Energy Budget stringency, including increase in 2025
  5. End gas connections to new homes from 2025
  6. Ensure best practice energy performance in new social housing
  7. Embed energy efficiency in the electrification agenda
  8. Implement minimum energy performance standards for rental homes
  9. Invest in retrofits of existing social housing
  10. Financial support for retrofits, with priority focus on low-income households
  11. Implement mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency ratings at point of sale and lease
  12. Resource consumer information and advocacy

Read Renew’s full submission.