Sanctuary Issue 60

House profiles

Familiar ground

This couple enjoyed camping holidays on their coastal Victorian block for decades before building.

Cosy comfort

An ageing mid-century modern house in the Adelaide Hills has been brought back to life, gas-free this time.

Small home, big views

Keely and Lucienne’s diminutive yet beautiful Tassie home shows that a lot really can be achieved with less.

Rapid recovery

A sustainable Northern Rivers beach house designed with floods in mind gets its ultimate test.

Ready for anything

This postwar house on a Brisbane creek was reinvented for sustainable living and resilience to both flood and bushfire.

High and dry

Raised living spaces and a services level designed to keep floodwaters out are key for this diminutive Newcastle secondary dwelling built on a budget.

Going with the flow

Fiona and Steve’s rejuvenated Brisbane home features a new multi-use room as well as landscaping to handle overland flow.

Sunshine after rain

A devastated Hobart cottage received a modest flood-resilient renovation and extension that also delivered light, flexibility and thermal comfort.

Ideas & advice

Water works: Flood-resilient design in action

We spoke to the experts at architecture practice JDA Co. for their advice on designing and retrofitting homes to better handle increasingly common flood events.

Tales from Northern Rivers

Residents affected by this year’s disastrous New South Wales floods share their stories to encourage others to retrofit for greater flood resilience.

The e-change phenomenon: Living the rural dream?

More and more ‘e-changers’ are making the move to the country while holding down city jobs, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? RMIT researchers share their insights.

Tapping into quality: Sustainable fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom

Choose your tapware carefully and you can have environmentally friendly materials and water efficiency without compromising on performance.

On the drawing board: Designing a new, resilient Australian vernacular

Architect Deborah Ascher Barnstone introduces the bushfire-resilient home that won top gong in this year’s Solar Decathlon student design competition.

Design Workshop: A mid-century inspired home for a changing climate

Giselle and Scott are planning to build on a steep slope in a region prone to heavy rainfall. Architect Emma Healy helps out.

Slow the flow: Gardening for flood mitigation

We spoke to the experts to find out what you can do in your garden to reduce the impact of flood and stormwater damage on your property.

Climate Resilient Homes campaign update: What price power?

Rob McLeod lays out the costs of the current energy crisis to households – and what we can do about it.

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