Sanctuary Issue 58

House profiles 

Tiny treasure

Jiri Lev’s diminutive family cottage in northern Tasmania uses locally sourced, natural and raw materials and is a blueprint for affordable housing.

Small by design

Josie and Brendon’s off-grid house in central Victoria is deliberately small, simple and sustainable.

Fitting the bill

In subtropical Rockhampton, this family are enjoying their sustainable, low-maintenance home built on a tight budget.

Modest masterpiece

Simple, prefabricated construction and careful design enabled a spacious-feeling and high-performing home on a seriously tiny Perth site.

Compact and crafted

Taking cues from Japanese architecture, Condon Scott Architects crafted a compact small-footprint home in Wanaka, New Zealand.

You little beauty

With a footprint of just 35 square metres, this renovated terrace in Sydney’s inner west provides a light and quiet sanctuary, with leafy outlooks and entertaining spaces that belie its size.

Super sharehouse

After visiting many uninspiring and poorly built apartments, Brisbane first home buyer Hugo Salmon found a house just waiting for a transformation and a new life.

Ideas & advice

Can we afford it? The rising cost of building in Australia

What does it cost to build a house in Australia these days? What factors are at play, and what’s the most affordable way? We talk to three experts.

Sustainability in the mix: The latest in eco-concrete

Concrete is a beloved building material with a shockingly high embodied carbon footprint. Dick Clarke looks at the problem and some of the latest solutions.

Eco-concrete case studies

Cement replacement, geopolymer concrete and recycled components: these three homeowners made a greener choice for their concrete slabs.

Join, act, impact: Renew’s branches making a difference

Renew’s network of volunteer branches provides an avenue for people to take practical action in their local community to address the global climate emergency.

On the drawing board: Pathway to carbon zero

The team at Positive Footprints tell the story behind their Carbon Zero Homes series.

Design Workshop: Making a small space work harder

Small space expert Kate Shepherd helps a young Canberra couple make the most of their diminutive but beloved apartment.

Pocket forests: Urban microforests gaining ground

Often no bigger than a tennis court, microforests help establish cool urban microclimates, provide wildlife habitat and focus community connection. Mara Ripani goes exploring.

Climate Resilient Homes campaign update: Polling power

Australian voters are set to go to the polls. What might the upcoming federal election have in store for the sustainability of our homes?

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