Sanctuary Issue 54

House profiles

Between mountains & sea

This renovation and extension of a family home on the New South Wales south coast marries the original brick cottage with a new living pavilion.

Adding by taking away

An airy renovation retained the distinctive characteristics of this Brisbane Queenslander, improving its passive solar design while minimising demolition, resources and footprint.

Pod people

Clever use of a narrow extra space allowed an inner suburban Melbourne family to extend their home without encroaching too much on their back garden.

Pushing the envelope

Building the first strawbale Passive House-certified home in the southern hemisphere posed some significant challenges for this New Zealand couple, but they prevailed.

Labour of love

You might have thought it impossible, but House of Red Dogs in Canberra’s leafy Lyneham offers a desirable model for a green rebuild.

Base camp

This sustainable seachange home in a South Australian eco-development makes a perfect base for adventurous road trips.

Three-garden house

A clever alteration and addition have transformed not only this small Sydney house, but also the owners’ emotional connection to their long-time home.

Pared back

By the time it was eventually built, Bob and Patsy’s expansive family home in the ranges west of Brisbane had evolved into an efficient, accessible cabin that fits the two of them like a glove.

Ideas & advice

Creating cosy
Many existing houses can be judiciously retrofitted for energy efficiency and thermal comfort for a fraction of the cost of a new build. Jenny Edwards explains what’s achievable.

Energy efficiency front and centre: case study
A comprehensive renovation of this well laid out but inefficient Melbourne home achieved huge energy savings and much improved comfort.

2021: Passive House’s year?
Sanctuary’s editor chatted with two expert practitioners about the benefits of the building standard and whether it’s poised for a great leap forward in 2021.

In On the drawing board, architect John Tallis tells the story of pursuing Passive House certification for the renovation of a century-old Victorian cottage.

Design Workshop
Lauren and Andrew are building a new home for their family on their dream block in rural northern Tasmania. Local designer Uta Green is on hand to help.

Double benefit
A bush re-resilient home can also be a very energy-efficient home: Dick Clarke explains how to design for both.

Birds of a feather
Experienced chook owner Lance Turner explains some dos and don’ts for adding chickens to your sustainable backyard.

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