Sanctuary Issue 51

Issue highlights

  • Design for a changing climate: profiles of sustainable homes around Australia built to be resilient in the face of flood, fire, storm and heatwave
  • Better together: collaborative housing and its social, financial and environmental benefits
  • Where there’s smoke: what you can do to protect your indoor air quality when the outside air is hazardous
  • Australia’s first Passive House apartments
  • How the Passive House standard could deliver better-performing school buildings
  • Designing your garden to protect your house from bushfire

House profiles

This small house and studio in flood-prone Newcastle provides flexible, climate-resilient living for three generations.

Right as rain
A Brisbane couple renovated their home and business to better weather Queensland’s storms.

Fair share
When Deb Shand downsized to a new eco home in central Victoria, she got a ready-made community too.

Phoenix house
This fire-resilient off-grid house in the Grampians is a modern replacement for a loved family weekend retreat lost to bushfire six years ago.

Village green
Built to Passive House standards, this ‘micro-village’ on a single Canberra block offers flexible multi-generational living.

Renovated delight
A sustainable renovation full of character and recycled materials provides a Tassie family with their desired indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Going above and beyond
A love of gardening and a close encounter with bushfire were key factors in the creation of this home in the Adelaide Hills, which also features clever cooling for heatwaves.

Trial by fire
This modest modern beach shack survived a devastating bushfire on the New South Wales south coast.

Design features

Better together: Exploring collaborative housing in Australia

We explore collaborative housing in Australia, the social, financial and environmental benefits it offers, and how to get involved.

On the drawing board: Passive House meets multi-residential
Architect Oliver Steele tells the story behind building the first Passive House apartments in the southern hemisphere, in Sydney’s Redfern, and what he learned.

Design Workshop: Down by the river
Architect Sven Maxa advises a family in riverside Melbourne who plan an updated, more sustainable home that’s flood-resilient.

Where there’s smoke: Protecting yourself from air pollution at home
Building scientist Jenny Edwards delves into what you can do to protect yourself from air pollution at home when outdoor air quality plummets.

Closing the performance gap: Passive House for schools
A growing movement of architects believes Passive House could help deliver high-performance school buildings in Australia.

In the line of fire: Garden design to reduce the threat of bushfire
Increased risk of bushfire may be the new normal in many parts of Australia. We look at what you can do in your garden to reduce the threat to your home.

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