Sanctuary Issue 37

Issue highlights:

  • Over 30 storage and shelving ideas
  • Off-grid coastal living: modular and prefab
  • High comfort, low bill homes
  • Concrete floors guide
  • 8.6 Star apartments
  • Tiny House tropical style
  • Eco display homes
  • Green facades, SIP solar extension and more

Issue contents:

Running on the sun

Going off gas and installing enough solar to cover their needs was a big part of the brief for this high-performing SIPs extension.

Passive pioneer

A desire to live comfortably in New Zealand’s cold climate led this family to a Passive House solution.

Modular, prefab and off-grid

Designed to be transportable by truck and barge to French Island, this prefabricated farmhouse is no ordinary coastal retreat.

Strata artistry

A new 8.6 Star apartment building is an exemplar of urban densification done well.

Design on display feature

A new generation of ‘display’ homes makes it possible for you to experience 8+ Star comfort.

Off the shelf

After building their own home from locally sourced materials and using a simple design, a Tasmanian couple has packaged up their approach for others in their close-knit community.

A cut above the rest

With an energy rating of 8.2 Stars and energy bills of just $500 a year, the first homes built at a new coastal housing estate in Victoria are raising the bar on performance and affordability.

Within city limits

Nestled in a Queensland backyard and surrounded by subtropical plantings an airy home belies its tiny footprint.

Clever shelving and storage

Nine pages of our favourite sustainable storage ideas that not only free up space for living, but make the most of nooks and underutilised spaces.

Building for a lifetime

When accessibility and adaptable use principles are applied to beautiful, thoughtful design, timeless infrastructure is created, writes Melissa Wittig.

When is a concrete floor the right choice?

Dick Clarke explains the benefits and design considerations for using concrete, and some alternatives.

Design frontiers: How 3D modelling puts you in the picture

We investigate how local designers are using Building Information Modelling to get better performance results for green homes and renovations.

Green facades

Growing vines on walls is an age-old way to protect buildings from heat. With dozens of species to choose from, including many natives, green facades can be an inexpensive way to create thermally comfortable and visually stunning homes.

Planting beyond tomorrow

Many trees are under stress due to weather and climate extremes and Michael Tanner explains how to factor in the future when selecting resilient trees for your garden.