Sanctuary Issue 34

Issue highlights:

  • Green homes for less
  • Tiny project homes
  • Saving seed
  • Passivhaus in Australia
  • Building with earth

Issue Contents:

City Greening

The site of a former Greek community garden inspired an outward-looking approach for Mark and Lisa’s Brisbane house design.

Passive warehouse

An inner Melbourne warehouse is reimagined as a contemporary, comfortable ‘machine for living’ through the application of Passive House principles.

Right at home

A recently renovated home in Newcastle that shares attributes with a well-designed yacht is the perfect home port for this young family.

Idealising design

Building to strict Passive House standards may seem overkill in Auckland’s mild climate, but with no need for heating or cooling and next to no bills, the Durbin family have found it to be the ideal solution.

Coastal gem

Artists Tamzen and Sam Brewster have created a low-energy creative sanctuary in the idyllic surrounds of Tasmania’s famed Freycinet National Park.

A new normal

A pop-up prefab takes aim at our collective high carbon lifestyles and asks who we should really be keeping up with.

Over to you

We look at some innovative takes on the project home that aims to shift the power from developer to you.

Project green

Most large-scale project home builders now have a low-energy offering in the catalogue of possible house designs. So why aren’t people taking them up?

A small idea

A tiny 7 Star project home on the outskirts of Geelong represents the culmination of years of practice and thinking for builder and designer Sally Wills.

Good house, great home

A comfortable and energy-efficient home in South Australia showcases a new approach to bespoke design that is both sustainable and affordable.

From the ground up

At its best it’s a low energy alternative with plenty of potential for effective passive solar design, with houses sprung from the very ground they rest on. Dick Clarke outlines the modern application of one of the oldest building materials around.

Blank slate

Geoff and Lindsay are planning a tree change; they’re seeking a new, modest house for retirement close to the centre of Woodend, in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. Tim Adams of F2 Design offers some design advice.

Saving seed

Seed saving – the act of saving seed from vegetables, grains, herbs and flowers – has a long history. Sarah Coles speaks to Clive Blazey, founder of The Diggers Club about why we should all be stocking up.

In the zone

Many gardens in Australia need to cope with extended dry periods, but there may well be times when they battle the opposite problem. Horticulturalist Michael Tanner gives some tips on zoning your garden to make the most of nature’s most precious resource

Green finance

Government schemes and discounted home loans can make a sustainable build or green upgrade more affordable, so why aren’t householders taking them up?