Sanctuary Issue 28

Issue 28 features:

  • Sustainable House Day 2014 highlights
  • Choosing a green builder
  • Building with bamboo
  • Green paving options
  • House Energy Ratings made sense

Issue Contents:

Riad Dreaming

Outside and inside blur in this elevated home in the Top End which nods to Marrakesh and Bali for authentic (and low-energy) tropical living.

Green in between

A renovated early twentieth century cottage offers adaptable spaces in a compact exterior for considered retirement living.

The nature shack

This modular holiday house proves smaller is better when out in the bush.

Light box

Despite its diminutive size, this tiny terrace in Sydney’s Newton is far from dark and poky.

Adaptable terrace

A terrace in Melbourne’s inner north makes use of passive design for universal living.

Labour of love

A turn-of-the-century miner’s cottage in the Victorian city of Ballarat has stood through many changes, and is now enjoying a resurgence with the emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Bamboo build

Used as a building staple in South-East Asia since ancient times, bamboo is now seen as the ecological choice for everything from floorboards to cleaning products, but just how green is this grass? Fiona Whitelaw finds out.

Sustainable House Day 2014

We take a sneak peek inside some of Australia’s most environmentally friendly homes open for Sustainable House Day.


Humble cardboard is being used as the material of choice for a range of sustainable design products. We feature some innovative designs that make use of this lightweight, fully recyclable and low impact material.

A home with a view

Emma and Kim Friedman are building their second sustainable home, with renewed enthusiasm and commitment, on their neighbouring block. Architects Gerard Siero and Patrick Irwin offer an alternative perspective.

Rating the Star system

Energy efficiency regulations for new and renovated homes can be less than easy to navigate. Erika Bartak seeks some clarity on the star-based scheme.

Choosing your green builder

Green homeowner Elizabeth Wheeler offers some pointers on sourcing the right builder for your sustainable project.

Sustainable paving

There are more outdoor paving options than you might think, and environmental and financial costs can be high. Landscape designer Kath Smalley urges careful consideration for hard-wearing surfaces with timeless appeal.

Green city walls

Sydney’s walls are greening up and inspiring residents to grow vertically at home.

Native resilience

The sprawling native gardens of Inverawe provide an enchanting botanical retreat, perched above the calm waters of North West Bay, just fifteen minutes out of Hobart.