Sanctuary Issue 23

Issue Contents:

Shared living

An extended family enjoy life together in a home built for collective, and private, living.

A beachside lifestyle

A young family build a durable home in Sydney to better connect to their new beachside environment.

At home in the sun

An 8 Star house delights in the abundant light of the Sunshine Coast, delivering shelter to a family committed to living sustainably.

Style on a budget

This Melbourne renovation shows that sustainability can be achieved on a budget, with outstanding results.

Creating space

How do you create a sense of space where there is very little? Blended spaces are used in this Melbourne terrace.

Beach review

This beachside home’s second storey is overhauled to create a more comfortable kitchen and living area.

Small and striking

By designing rooms that support multiple uses, a family gains the extra space they need without building bigger.

Sydney infill

This new build is a modern rendering of a traditional terrace house in Glebe, Sydney.

Salvaged & recycled

Old kitchens with new style

Tips from the experts

Design for longevity, money saving tips & appliances.

Tucked away in Tasmania

After moving from Perth to Tasmania, Philip and Glen seek some advice on how to build a cosy home for cooler winters from design expert Mark Dewsbury of Carawah Design.

Crafting cubbies

Beth Askham finds a design project that sparks the imagination of young (and older) minds.

Growing mushrooms

Growing mushrooms can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.

Painting greener, inside and out

In Sanctuary 16, we looked at the choices available for those wanting their next paint job to be kinder on their family’s health and on the environment; what’s changed since then? Anna Cumming discovers that it’s cheaper and easier than ever to paint green.