Sanctuary Issue 21

  • Present to the past
  • Phase change materials
  • Energy ratings
  • Greener building blocks
  • Green roofs
  • Earthly enrichment
  • Creative sanctuary
  • Greener grand designs
  • Modern infill
  • Resilient rebuild
  • Well connected
  • Coastal tree change

Issue Contents:

Present to the past

A light-filled extension connects a Melbourne family to their history, environment and the character of the home they\’ve loved since they first walked through the door.

Well connected

An interactive beachside Sydney home blends cutting-edge technology with innovative design and committed owners to place it in the green zone.

Resilient rebuild

A committed team rebuilds a weekender destroyed in the 2009 Victorian bushfires. The result is an energy efficient home away from home with a small footprint, increased fire resistance and strong connections to the bush.

Modern infill

This Perth extension is a light, open and thoughtful response to the need for space in our ever-sprawling cities.

Greener grand designs

Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud speaks to Sarah Robertson about valuing the energy invested in every well-designed thing.

Creative sanctuary

A studio and gallery space sits lightly next to a secluded lagoon in the Northern Territory.

Earthly enrichment

Brisbane architect Emma Scragg sets to work learning about organic gardening. She shares some of what she learnt along the way.

Green roofs

Beyond simple aesthetics, green roofs and vertical gardens reduce household energy demand, cool cities and provide habitats for native species.

Greener building blocks

Jo Isaac looks at some of the materials, bricks and blocks available for your new build.

Energy ratings

How sustainable is a star-rated home? Sid Thoo puts green building rating systems currently used in Australia under the microscope.

Phase change materials

Our regular columnist, Dick Clarke, looks at the latest in thermal building products – phase change materials.

Coastal tree change

A growing family is moving from the city to the bush and beachside town of Otford, New South Wales. Architect Graham Hunt takes a look at their plans to see how they can make the most of the sun and site.