Sanctuary Issue 20

  • Blue mountain light
  • High-performing windows
  • Prefab and modular
  • Speed Date a Sustainable Designer
  • Retrofitting thermal mass
  • 10 Star Challenge
  • Seeking greener trades
  • Top-rating washing machines
  • Solar hot water
  • Greywater
  • Top-rating showerheads
  • Tips from the experts
  • A bathroom’s footprint
  • Special – Green Bathrooms
  • Perfect fit
  • Winter warmer
  • Inside and out
  • Updating a 19th century gem

Issue Contents:

Blue mountain light

This 1950s inspired home shows that efficient and sustainable architecturally designed homes are an affordable option for those willing to think small and smart.

Inside and out

A growing garden becomes part of a Brisbane home redesign, giving a sense of space and light while moderating the home’s temperature.

Winter warmer

A sustainable retrofit to this Canberra home has made it more livable and adaptable, and has significantly improved its energy performance.

Perfect fit

A flexible floor plan helps this modular home make the most of seasonal solar energy.

Special – Green Bathrooms

In this Sanctuary special we showcase green bathrooms from around Australia. Leading sustainable architects, designers and interior designers bring you design tips and we look at the latest in energy efficient bathroom appliances.

A bathroom’s footprint

How to minimise your bathroom’s environmental footprint.

Tips from the experts

Green interior designers from around the country provide expert tips for bathroom design.

Tips from the experts

Green interior designers from around the country provide expert tips for bathroom design.

Top-rating showerheads

Water efficient showerheads can save water and energy.


Diverting greywater from your bathroom to your garden can save you water and money.

Solar hot water

Solar hot water for a sustainable scrub.

Top-rating washing machines

When choosing a washing machine look out for the machine’s water and energy efficiency ratings.

Seeking greener trades

Seek out green know-how to improve your bathroom’s performance.

10 Star Challenge

The finalists are in for the second Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) 10 Star Challenge. BDAV President Tim Adams reviews the field of entries.

Retrofitting thermal mass

Dick Clarke looks at how retrofitting thermal mass to timber framed buildings can make your home that much more comfortable and thermally efficient.

Speed Date a Sustainable Designer

Hundreds of people turned out for ATA’s recent Speed Date a Sustainable Designer events in Brisbane and Sydney.

Prefab and modular

Forget the drab prefab homes of old. Today’s architecturally designed factory-built dwellings are quintessentially modern.

High-performing windows

What makes windows and other glazing units high-achievers in your home?

Updating a 19th century gem

Michelle and Colin James bought a 1856 German settlers cottage in the Adelaide Hills. They are keen to renovate it, making it as energy efficient as possible while still staying true to its original character. John Maitland of Energy Architecture gives them some advice.