Sanctuary Issue 19

  • Old greets new
  • Insulating tricky spaces
  • Designing zero carbon homes
  • Switching to solar
  • Speed date a sustainable designer
  • Passive state of mind
  • Reclaimed, rebuilt
  • Home among the trees
  • Building for a busy lifestyle
  • Green design for density
  • Form and function
  • Steps to a draught free home

Issue Contents:

Old greets new

An extension to a Melbourne brick terrace is highly sympathetic to the environment and the building’s heritage but adds a whole new dimension to this family home.

Form and function

Balance, harmony, sustainability and self-sufficiency are the principles behind the design of this rammed earth and timber New South Wales coastal home.

Green design for density

For many, apartments are seen as a step in the home ownership process. But when designed appropriately, living in them can be a life choice that ticks all the boxes.

Building for a busy lifestyle

Penny and Paul are making the shift to an eco-community 40 minutes south of Adelaide. They want to build a home that suits their creative lifestyle,
while being energy efficient and sustainable. Carol Marra of Marra + Yeh Architects helps them with their design.

Home among the trees

A holistic and sensitive environmental design approach
defines this new Victorian seaside home on a site steeped in ecological history.

Reclaimed, rebuilt

The subtle eco features of this Adelaide renovation save energy in more ways than one.

Passive state of mind

When New York State architect Dennis Wedlick set out to build the most energy-efficient home he could, passive house design principles were key.

Speed date a sustainable designer

Are you renovating or building? Do you have plans and ideas you’d like to discuss with green architects or building designers? The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) would like to invite you to Speed Date a Sustainable Designer.

Switching to solar

As electricity prices increase, more people are turning to solar power to reduce their reliance on the electricity grid. For those who want to make the switch, Michael Green covers the basics of solar PV.

Designing zero carbon homes

The Zero Carbon Challenge saw South Australian design teams work on a zero carbon home for the Adelaide suburb of Campbelltown.

Insulating tricky spaces

Dick Clarke explores how to insulate unconventional spaces, from ceilings to slab floors, and make your home even warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Steps to a draught free home

Draughts can be responsible for up to 25 per cent of a
home’s heating and cooling costs, so how can you stop them?