Sanctuary Issue 18

  • Independent lifestyle
  • SIPs for structure and insulation
  • Condensation? Let your building breathe
  • The right tank for you
  • The business behind building
  • Straw bale building
  • Greener timber & concrete finishes
  • Speed date a sustainable designer
  • Red brick renewed
  • Nature and nurture
  • At first light
  • Leading edge
  • A staged renovation

Issue Contents:

Independent lifestyle

Building an off-grid house was far from straightforward for these tree-changers, but the end result has been more than worth the effort. Hannam Vale, NSW, Ian Bailey and Associates.

Leading edge

A 9-Star house in Melbourne raises the bar, environmentally and socially. Preston, VIC, Positive Footprints.

At first light

A New Zealand house has achieved international recognition but its purpose is largely local: to encourage sustainable living in the “Land of the Long White Cloud”. New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington.

Nature and nurture

An old fish and chip shop and flat on Tasmania’s southern coast has been transformed into an inviting business and home with green credentials – and it’s making a remarkable impression. Cygnet, TAS, Core Collective.

Red brick renewed

A modest extension means this suburban Adelaide house works more naturally to keep its occupants comfortable, and has also inspired them to live more sustainably. Hawthorn, SA, Emilis Prelgauskas, Energy Aspect Living.

Speed date a sustainable designer

Are you renovating or building? Do you have plans and ideas you’d like to discuss with green architects or building designers? The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) would like to invite you to Speed Date a Sustainable Designer.

Greener timber & concrete finishes

Whether you have concrete or timber underfoot in your home, choosing the right finish for your floor, building materials and furniture is important to ensure that you protect the surface, your family’s health, and the environment.

Straw bale building

Whether you’re planning a sleek or rustic-looking house, straw bales are a low cost and sustainable building material with flexibility, writes Paul Downton.

The business behind building

A brief discussion and a preliminary services agreement at the outset of a building project can be all it takes to iron out any potentially expensive misunderstandings with contractors, writes Peter Claridge.

The right tank for you

With so many different water tanks and water management systems available today, how do you choose the one that will meet your needs

Condensation? Let your building breathe

Tighter building standards have given rise to condensation issues, but there are ways to minimise moisture build-up in your home: ventilation is key.

SIPs for structure and insulation

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are an established building envelope technology gaining new ground. Dick Clarke explains why well-designed SIPs can be a sustainable solution in contemporary homes.

A staged renovation

Bernie and Robbie are looking to renovate their 1960s brick veneer Canberra home in stages as funds become available and as their planned family grows. Sustainable building designer Chris Reardon provides some advice on how they can achieve this and also improve the home’s passive thermal performance. Lyneham, ACT, Suntech Design.