Sanctuary Issue 16

  • Quiet Achiever
  • From McMacro to Micro
  • Design Workshop: Rooms with a View
  • Thermal Bridges & Breaks
  • Open Plan Gone Mad?
  • 10-star Challenge
  • LED into the Light
  • Greener Paint
  • “Fonzie Flat”
  • Tropical Heat
  • Against the Wind
  • Light & Liveable
  • Pocket Neighbourhoods

Issue Contents:

Quiet Achiever

Protected from coastal winds and with great sea views, this modest South Australian holiday house couples design simplicity with passive thermal performance. Cape Jervis SA, Max Pritchard Architect.

Light & Liveable

This family home underwent a considerable design reconfiguration to greatly improve functionality. Ascot Vale, Melbourne, VIC, Breathe Architecture.

Against the Wind

Building a sustainable home on a remote island off the US coast needed more than a touch of ingenuity. Criehaven, Maine, USA, Alex Scott Porter Design.

Tropical Heat

This award-winning home demonstrates design for a comfortable lifestyle in the tropics – without air conditioning. Girraween, Darwin, NT, Troppo Architects.

“Fonzie Flat”

Building this stylish self-contained studio behind a Sydney house actually increased the size of the backyard. Sydney, NSW, Ben Giles Architect.

Greener Paint

The days of lead paint are long gone, but conventional paint can still contain nasties. Sarah Robertson explores the options for making your next painting project more environmentally friendly.

LED into the Light

LED lights have taken a huge leap into the mainstream in the last few years.

10-star Challenge

The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) recently set its members a challenge to compete for the best 10-star home design award.

Open Plan Gone Mad?

Open-plan living has many benefits, but also potential drawbacks in loss of control over noise, heating and cooling.

Thermal Bridges & Breaks

Heat conducted into or out of your home by frames, fixings and building materials can have a dramatic effect on its energy efficiency. The good news is that this thermal bridging can be avoided by careful design.

Design Workshop: Rooms with a View

Sanctuary subscribers Wade and April want their planned new home in Geraldton, WA, to take advantage of great sea views, be energy efficient and stay cool naturally. Sven Maxa of Maxa Design gives them some design tips.

From McMacro to Micro

Small, tiny, micro – many ways to describe a movement which is becoming too big to ignore. Tiny House Movement.

Pocket Neighbourhoods

Close-knit community, increased sociability, playmates aplenty – the benefits of pocket neighbourhoods are many.