Sanctuary Issue 12

  • Finishing Touches
  • Doing Your Block
  • Beyond Window Dressing
  • Reuse, Recycle, Reupholster
  • Banking On A Green Home
  • First Time Lucky
  • Object D’amour
  • Keeping It Simple
  • Spartan Style
  • A Light Touch
  • Ceiling Fans

Issue Contents:

Finishing Touches

A Victorian-period weatherboard in Melbourne gets a sustainable revamp, transforming it into a comfortable and beautiful home. Clifton Hill, Victoria. Ande Bunbury Architects

A Light Touch

With a little passive design, architect Matt Elkan helps a fibro cottage on NSW’s Central Coast make the most of its location. Wamberal, NSW. Matt Elkan Architect

Spartan Style

In the coldest reaches of Gippsland a modest new home makes the most of its stunning surrounds by using colour, light and simple design principles. Neerim East, Victoria. Ryan Strating

Keeping It Simple

The owners of this subtropical Queensland house find that living in and with the environment is a lot better than fighting against it. Magnetic Island, Queensland. Troppo Architects

Object D’amour

Architect Colin Brown’s green renovation was planned down to the last detail. Open for Sustainable House Day, it’s a model for inner-city fit outs. Dulwich Hill, Sydney, NSW. Colin Brown, Arena Design Architects

First Time Lucky

When it came to building their first environmental house, what this Perth couple lacked in dollars and experience they made up for in commitment. Perth Hills, WA. Paradigm Architects

Banking On A Green Home

Sanctuary’s guide to energy ratings and mandatory disclosure; or Why the smart money is going green.

Reuse, Recycle, Reupholster

Instead of buying new, give your sofa a green lease on life by reupholstering with the latest environmentally friendly fabrics.

Beyond Window Dressing

Thanks to a new generation of gorgeous, hi-tech thermal blinds, the sun is about to set on your faded drapery.

Doing Your Block

Being left with a barren patch of earth after the builders have gone is a fairly common occurrence. Here’s how to transform that moonscape into a beautiful green oasis.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the greenest active cooling method for the home, but with so many ceiling fan models on the market it can be hard to sort the “air” from the cool.