Sanctuary Issue 11

  • Once In A Lifetime
  • Recycling Kitchens
  • Greener Concrete
  • Lawns
  • Cool Pantries
  • Architect & Designer Directory
  • Green Power
  • The Machinery Shed
  • Solar Thermal Heating And Cooling
  • Best Of Both World
  • Height & Light
  • A Study In Contrasts
  • Spreading Its Wings
  • Modest Makeover
  • House Ventilation

Issue Contents:

Once In A Lifetime

For Riddle Architecture, a brief to build “most sustainable home possible” on the Brisbane River’s prestigious south bank was a unique opportunity to prove green can be glamorous. Hill End, Queensland. Emma Scragg, David Gole and Simon Boundy of Riddle Architecture.

Modest Makeover

The modest renovation of a postwar bungalow in Melbourne’s West Preston scores a double victory for heritage conservation and for sustainability. West Preston, Victoria. The Rexroth Mannasmann Collective.

Spreading Its Wings

On a beautiful but challenging site in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, architect Dan Sparks gives a boxy concrete block home a sustainable makeover. Maleny, Queensland. Dan Sparks, Sparks Architect

A Study In Contrasts

New and old, light and dark, Brian Steendyk used his own house in inner-city Brisbane to put some of his ideas about sustainability and aesthetics to the test. Spring Hill, Queensland. Brian Steendyk

Height & Light

On a long, narrow block starved for light in inner-suburban Melbourne, two architect home builders employ inspired design to rise above their home’s space constraints. Melbourne, Victoria. Trandem Design Studio

Best Of Both Worlds

An inner-city Sydney renovation preserves a Victorian-period terrace’s beauty and boom era grandeur while remedying its deficiencies by introducing light, air and stunning views. Glebe, Sydney, NSW. PIDCOCK Architecture

Solar Thermal Heating And Cooling

A house that doesn’t need active heating is “house” holy grail. But if that’s too much of a stretch, a solar thermal system might get you over the line.

The Machinery Shed

Having trawled umpteen houses on Sustainable House Day for ideas, this retired couple built their green dream house using a potent mix of design and technology. Now it’s time for their house to shine.

Green Power

PVs are not the only way. Another route to a clean-energy future lies with Green Power, a government-approved suite of renewable energy products.

Architect & Designer Directory

The following green architects and building designers will be attending Speed Dating with Sanctuary at the State of Design festival on July 17th 2010 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

Cool Pantries

Your fridge can work better and your pantry can work like a fridge with the help of some ventilation and a little natural convention.


Water-thirsty lawns have become the bad boys of landscaping, but they don’t have to be.

Greener Concrete

Concrete is a great way to achieve thermal mass, but until recently this has been offset by its high carbon content. A slew of new products are promising to change this.

Recycling Kitchens

Save money and then the environment by buying second hand.

House Ventilation

Effective ventilation is essential to the healthiness and its thermal efficiency of your home, and the best way to achieve it is through careful whole-of-house design.