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Members' Branch Event – RenewHub Support Request

Organising a Renew Members' Branch Event? This is where you can add the event details and request support from the RenewHub team.

On this page, Renew Member Branches can submit a request for support from RenewHub for a Branch event. RenewHub is an initiative to support Members’ Branches with their activities. We support a range of activities and you can read more about RenewHub services here.

To ensure that we have enough time to assist you, please allow a minimum of at least 15 working days between when you submit this form and when you first require promotional support.

Please note that this is the minimum timeframe, and earlier submissions are very welcome!

If you submit this form too close to your event date, we will not be able to promote your event.

Someone from the RenewHub team will get back to you via renewhub@renew.org.au. If you have any queries, please call us on (03) 9639 1500.

Use this form when you know the date and time, but it’s too early to provide further details. This is so that Renewhub can ensure we’re available to support you for an event in future.

    Your Details

    1. What type of activity will you need support with?

    Webinar event

    (online only, ticketing available, event webpage, social media, email distribution, Zoom access, technical and expert support)

    In person event

    (physical venue only, online ticketing, event webpage, social media, email distribution)

    Mixed event

    (live stream from physical event, online ticketing, event webpage, social media, email distribution)

    Stall at a Fair or Expo
    Online meeting

    (online meeting, no ticketing available, meeting notice via webpage, social media and email)

    In person meeting

    (physical venue only, event webpage, social media, email distribution)


    4. What is the date of the event? (required)

    5. What time does the event start?

    6. What time do you think the event will end? (approximate is ok)