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Members' Branch Event – RenewHub Support Request

Organising a Renew Members' Branch Event? This is where you can add the event details and request support from the RenewHub team.

RenewHub is an initiative to better support Members’ Branches in the facilitation of events. On this page you can submit a request for support from RenewHub for your Branch.

To ensure that we have enough time to assist you, please allow a minimum of at least 7 working days between when you submit this form and when you first require promotional support. Please note that this is the minimum timeframe, and earlier submissions are very welcome! If you submit this form too close to the event date we may struggle to support you as best we can.

Someone from the RenewHub team will get back to you via renewhub@renew.org.au. If you have any queries, please call us on (03) 9639 1500.

Your Details

1. What type of activity will you need support with?

Webinar event

(online only, ticketing available, event webpage, social media, email distribution, Zoom access, technical and expert support)

In person event

(physical venue only, online ticketing, event webpage, social media, email distribution)

Mixed event

(live stream from physical event, online ticketing, event webpage, social media, email distribution)

Stall at a Fair or Expo
Online meeting

(online meeting, no ticketing available, meeting notice via webpage, social media and email)


2. Do you require the current Renew Public Liability Insurance certificate for your event booking?


3. Do you require you require equipment for your event?

4. What Branch is convening this activity?

5. Who is the best primary contact person in the Branch for this event?

6. What is the date of the event? (required)

7. What time does the event start?

8. What time do you think the event will end? (approximate is ok)

9. Are you partnering with another organisation to host this event?

10. Will you require online ticketing for your event via Humanitix?


11. Is there is a maximum number of attendees at your event?

12. How many speakers will your event be featuring?

13. First speaker

Profile picture of first speaker (min width 400px, in portrait orientation)

14. Second speaker

Profile picture of second speaker (min width 400px, in portrait orientation)

15. Third speaker

Profile picture of third speaker (min width 400px, in portrait orientation)

16. Fourth speaker

Profile picture of fourth speaker (min width 400px, in portrait orientation)

17. Fifth speaker

Profile picture of fifth speaker (min width 400px, in portrait orientation)

18. What is the title of the event?

19. Please provide a summary of the event

20. Do you have an image that you would like to use for the event?

If you have an image that you would like to use, please upload it here. Minimum width is 1200px. Please note, if you do not have a suitable image it will be created by RenewHub.

21. What email communications would you like for your event?




Western Australia


Northern Territory



No email newsletter support required

22. What social media promotion would you like?

Facebook post

Instagram post


23. Would you like the technical assistance of one of our Zoom casual staff?


24. Would you like support from a subject-matter expert with audience question and answers?

YesNot Required

25. Would you like the event recorded and uploaded to Youtube, then posted to the Renew website?

YesNot Required

26. Do you have specific video editing requests?

27. Is there anything else that you think we should know?