How will distributed energy impact the grid?

Solar PV

Over the past few months, Renew has been working with a consultant team and a Steering Group on a project that considers how best to manage the future integration of solar PV and other distributed energy resources in our electricity grids.

This is a major piece of work and follows on from Renew’s initial investigations into the issue in mid-2019:

Solar PV, as the most common distributed energy resource (DER) in Australia (now on over 2 million homes), is reaching a point where it may start to cause technical issues within our electricity grids. Nationally, approximately 20% of our homes now have solar PV, however in some locations, this figure rises to well over 30%.

As a community organisation interested in the fair treatment of solar PV and other DER technologies, Renew has been working with a technical consultant (Energeia), and an industry & consumer-based Steering Committee,  to canvass issues and options with regards to DER enablement in the grid, and to help inform the national debate, by:

  • Identifying the key issues related to rising solar PV and DER and who they impact;
  • Identifying the potential solutions to these issues and their associated costs; and
  • Developing an analytical framework for identifying the optimal approach in a given situation.

Our team has developed an Issues & Options paper summarising the investigations and assessments to date.

We now believe it useful to release the paper for broader consumer, government and industry consultation, and receive feedback on the overall approach, the methodology, the modelling and everything else therein. Key questions are broached in the paper for participant feedback.

Feedback from this round of consultation will be used to refine the existing approach and modelling within the report, and to guide a second stage of this project which will explore in detail identified solutions. (This second stage will also involve broad consultation).

As such, we are inviting comment and feedback on the paper by the 15th February 2020.

Written comments and submissions should be forwarded in the first instance to Dean Lombard’s email at Renew ( ). Please ignore the “out of office” message that you will receive if doing this before the end of January – ALL submissions and comments will be read by Renew and the consultant team.

During February, Dean and Damien from Renew would be very pleased to meet individually with interested stakeholders (or small groups of) to further discuss the paper and to canvass feedback.

In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to email Damien ( over the next couple of weeks (noting I will also be on leave 20/1-24/1 inclusive).

Many thanks for your interest in this project and we look forward to your comments.

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