Renew Issue 146

Summer issue – DIY projects, cooling buyers guide, solar and grid voltage + more

Renew 146 is our DIY and sustainable cooling special. We’ve got 8 useful DIY projects: from the beauty of visible mending that helps avoid textile waste, to getting waterwise with a no-dig garden bed, through to improving home efficiency by insulating a garage door. Our first-ever cooling buyers guide gives you all the info you need on effective shading, ventilation, fans and efficient air conditioning for both renters and homeowners. Plus we look inside the inspiring Desert Rose cooling-optimised home, present electric scooter options, explain the issues with solar and voltage rise, look at how solar can work on a shady roof, bust myths about renewable energy, present the findings and implications from the latest IPCC report – and much more!

Special feature: Sustainable cooling

Keep your cool this summer: Cooling buyers guide

All the info you need on effective shading, ventilation, fans and efficient air conditioning for both renters and homeowners.

Cooling case studies

Reader case studies x 3: Punkah fans, pre-cooling, and staying cool in the NT.

Underground cool

These architects use more stable underground temperatures to enhance passive cooling.

Special feature: 8 DIY projects

DIY: Solar dehydrator

Dry your fruit at home with this DIY construction project.

DIY: Garage insulation

From thermal images to DIY insulation: fixing home hot spots.

DIY: Reorg before you renovate

Could you avoid renovating if you just reorganised a space?

DIY: Mind your own beeswax

An easy project to replace plastic wrap.

DIY: Visible mending

Fun, gorgeous and easy, visible mending can stop textile waste from heading to landfill.

DIY: No dig garden

This is the most waterwise garden bed around, a reader writes.

DIY: Self-watering vertical garden

A low-maintenance garden to give you greenery in tight spaces or even on a balcony.

DIY: Shade for your vegies

A simple project to shade your vegies from the harsh summer sun—designed so it can stay up in winter.

Other articles

Desert Rose

This zero net energy home is also dementia-friendly and designed to stay cool in desert conditions.

What we do now matters more than ever

Professor Lesley Hughes from the Climate Council explains the latest IPCC 1.5 °C report.

Z-NET Hepburn

Victoria’s Hepburn Shire is aiming for another first with its zero net emissions transition plan that covers energy, transport and agriculture.

Mythbusting renewables

Mark Diesendorf counters the common myths put forward about renewables.

High grid voltage and solar

How big a problem is voltage rise and how much of it is due to solar—and what can be done about it?

Solar on a shady roof

This Renew reader was told solar wouldn’t work on their shady roof, but they found a way.

Electric vehicles

Electric trucking

Electric trucking looks set to take off soon, with lots of options on the horizon and many economic advantages.

Two-wheels good: electric scooters

Chris Jones is a big fan of his electric scooter, and considers a couple more options on their way to Australia.