Renew 150 available to buy now

It’s our 150th issue, and we’re looking back at how we’ve chronicled changes in sustainable technology over our nearly 40 years. To that end, Doug Rolfe reviews Renew magazine‘s history and finds a virtuous circle of Renew members supporting sustainable technologies, bringing them from obscurity into the mainstream. Dr. Juliette Milbank looks into some of these stories in her exploration of Renew branches around Australia.

One noticeable trend in the magazine’s history is the rise of solar from niche to the main attraction of the renewable energy scene. This issue features our newest solar system buyers guide to get you up to speed on the best way to go solar. We also include two articles on energy storage, including a rundown of the new battery installation rules in Australia. Plus, we tell you everything you need to know about solar panel cleaning.

Renew 150 also looks at the wider world of sustainable living, including efforts to make summer music festivals sustainable. Plus: a bike hospital that’s fixing up children’s bikes to make sure everyone can ride to school, gardening to promote native habitat, and a look at a DIY makerspace in Melbourne.

The magazine is on shelves across Australia now, or you can buy it online at our web storeRenew 150 comes with free shipping until the end of the month. And don’t forget that with our holiday special, you can get 10% off on a Renew subscription for yourself or a friend until Christmas.