Renew’s operations amid Stage 4 lockdown

Though Renew is a proudly national organisation, most of our staff and our office are located in Melbourne. We are heartbroken to watch our fellow Victorians go through another outbreak and strict lockdown. Our thoughts are with anyone impacted in any way by the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the announcement of the Victorian Stage 4 lockdown, Renew has found ways to move forward with our operations safely and productively. Since March, we have shifted to working almost entirely remotely. We are grateful that this transition was relatively smooth, as as number of our staff have worked from home for years before the crisis, and several staff members are permanently remote.

There will be some changes to our operations over the next six weeks to ensure we are in adherence with all government restrictions. We are glad to report that the next issue of Sanctuary will go to print and to post as normal, as our printer and mail house are not impacted by the new restrictions. However, our CBD office will be fully closed throughout the lockdown. For this reason, we will be selling only the current issues of the magazines on our web shop. Back issues will be available only as PDF copies. Due to changes in our shipping procedures, you may experience delays in receiving new magazines. We ask that you are patient with us as we adapt.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you and your families remain safe and comfortable.